Thursday, April 12, 2012

Prologue: The Art of Michael C. Hayes available now

If you have been following me on facebook or stopped by my booth at a convention this year, you already knew about this. If not, then here you go: I have a book out now! The big shipment just came in yesterday and they are ready to go.

The book is full color, thick 250 gsm glossy stock throughout, 44 pages, A4 size, softcover.

If you have ever bought an original oil painting from me I will be sending you a copy as a gift, I will be sending out a mass email shortly to get everyone's address. If you don't hear from me within a week please drop me a line.

For everyone else, the price is $20 + shipping ($5 for U.S., $13 for Canada and Mexico, $17 for the rest of the world, I need your phone # for customs for international P.O. boxes) I will also have copies available for sale at all the conventions I am attending this year.

I will be shipping books every Monday morning,  so depending on when you order it,  it will take 1-7 to leave my house.

I will happily sign your copy for if you want, just ask in the "special instructions" section of checkout.

This was a fairly significant investment for me, so I am not gonna be shy about asking for help promoting this. Please do me a favor and share this on Facebook, Twitter, DeviantArt, your own blog or anywhere you can think of. It would be much appreciated.


  1. When does volume 2 come out?

  2. oooh I would love one!

  3. Just Bought one copy! Forgot to ask for sign (could u sing?) I have my receipt number if its of any help...

  4. Hey Michael, I'm trying to buy from Canada and PayPal tells me the shipping costs $13. I thought you said it was $5? Either way, just wanted to make sure it was correct.

  5. Max Lucon: I'll be sure to sign yours

    Max Power: sorry about that, shipping is $13 to Canada, I will edit the post. My apologies again

    Provided I sell enough copies of volume one, I will put out volume two in 2-3 years. Hopefully 2...

  6. Wow, this looks awesome! I will order one in the next days. How long do you think shipping to Europe will take?

  7. The artwork is gorgeous :-) I tried to find it on Amazon, but could not...