Monday, May 31, 2010

Fashionably late to the party

Finally got around to getting one of these things started. I plan to update quite regularly with finished illustrations, sketches, life drawings and paintings... as well as instructional posts and many other goodies...

I believe the image above is a perfect way to kick off this blog. Not only is it arguably my strongest painting to date, but it marks a slight shift in the direction of my work. Most notably, I intend to shift away from the high chroma pallette I was pushing... towards a subtler more subdued pallette. I will be making a number of other small changes as well, most of which are difficult to explain in a small number of words or even put into words at all. But they all follow a similar theme of a shift towards a subtler way of working that will, hopefully, draw people into the worlds I am creating instead of the bright colors or other techniques I employ to create those worlds.

So... for those familiar with my work: I hope you like the direction I will be taking things. I encourage you to check back regulary. And for those who aren't: this is a good point in my career to start paying attention!