Tuesday, July 17, 2012


If you were at SDCC or saw any pictures of my booth then you were among the first to see this one.  Here it is for everyone else.    "Athena"  was done as a companion piece to "Artemis"  which I painted a few months ago.  It is for the same client  Artists of Magic and will be produced as a playmat sometime next year.

Original is 17" by 29" oil on paper on board 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

More appearances added to the schedule

I have been invited to attend a few more events than initially planned this year.  Looks like I am going to be busy as usual for the next few months,  here is where I will be for the rest of the year:

Next Saturday I will be back at Thou Shalt Game Entertainment in Temecula for the Magic the Gathering 2013 core set prerelease tournament

The following week you can find me at booth #4817 (which I am splitting with a friend; Alain Viesca) at San Diego Comic Con

At the end of August I will be in the dealers room,  (bottom floor of the Marriot) at DragonCon in Atlanta.  It looks like I will be at a few of the MTG tournaments during the convention as well.

Two weeks later, Sep. 15-16, I will be at Comikaze Expo at the LA convention center.  I was invited as a guest for the  MTG tournaments and I believe my table will be in that general area.

October 19-20 I will be at SOE Live at Bally's Casino in Las Vegas.  This is Sony Online Entertainment's fan convention.  I am not actually allowed to sell prints of any of the work I have done for SOE at this convention because...?  Who knows......   I will however have plenty of prints of my other work.

And last but definitely not least,  the highlight of my year and the best place to see lots of my originals:  Illuxcon in Altoona PA,  Nov 8-11