Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I finished this one just in time to bring to Spectrum Live.  I had done the sketch to pitch to a client for another gaming mat.  They were looking for something a bit more aggressive and didn't go for it (which I completely understand)  but I liked it enough to paint it anyway.   I am going to look into producing a run of gaming mats on my own with the image.

Original is 17 x 29 oil on paper on board.


  1. Really like this one actually Michael.. their loss. ~ Tim

  2. Thanks guys. I am quite happy with how it turned out as well. It got a good response at Spectrum Live and I have had a few nibbles on the original as well so I am glad I took the time to paint it.

  3. I'm surprised they didn't go for it. A beautiful woman in plate armor with a bird of prey. What's not to like?
    Great piece man, and it was great talking to you at the show.

  4. I like the peacefulness of the scene, but with the hint of trouble ahead