Monday, August 2, 2010

Three new paintings for the gallery show

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, as you can see I have been rather busy working on paintings for my upcoming gallery show. Here is all the info:

The new paintings are 20" by 30", 18" by 24" and 16" by 24"

The entire exhibition will also be available for purchase online at the gallery's website for the duration of the show.

Time to start getting paintings ready for Illuxcon now... stay tuned.


  1. wow, your killing me! These are all incredible. I still think Muse is my personal favorite. Can't wait to see you at IlluxCon and see what goodies you'll have for us.

  2. Thanks Rich, looking forward to seeing you as well. So far I have 2 commercial pieces and 2 personal ones slated for Illuxcon. Plus Joan of Arc, whatever doesn't sell at the gallery and anything else I can get done in time.

  3. Excellent pieces, all ovvum! Kudos sir.

  4. I really wish I could see these in person.