Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Joan of Arc

Here she is... not much to say except that this is quite the breakthrough for me. It will be on display at my booth at Illuxcon 2010 in November. My sincerest gratitude to everyone who helped me create this.


  1. Mike, you know I love this piece. It's my favorite IMC painting. I thought you were going to put something on her banner...the arch angel softly suggested in the fabric. I loved that idea. Did the teachers throw that out? Not that my opinion matters much, but I really think that would establish the importance of the banner to Joan's entire mission and calling. Right now it just looks like a sheet. It might break up that big negative space a bit. I love the illumination you have created on the the fabric above her head. It just seems like it's missing something.
    It was wonderful meeting you and seeing your process and witnessing Joan's creation.

  2. man, you're killing me with all these beautiful paintings.. I want them all! I hope to make it back to IlluxCon if only to see Joan in person.

  3. Thanks guys!

    Kim- The debate about whether to put a design or not has been going on amongst my friends as well. I will probably let the painting sit for awhile, maybe try out a few designs digitally to see what it does. But at the moment I don't feel it needs one. I have never claimed to know what I was doing though...

    Rich- Thanks, hope to see you at Illuxcon too!

  4. I love this painting, her facial expression and gesture are so perfect. Great job on the armor too. I'm jealous :D

    - Julia G.

  5. Really great detail--especially super metalwork. I hope that all of your future work now has such detail. Very cool.