Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Red Pencil Drawings

I was working in this style of drawing for around a year, not always, but as much as I can. I loved the old world look. And with the erasable colored pencils I was using I could cheat that look with modern easier to work with materials. Ultimately, I ended up abandoning this technique and going back to trusty ol' graphite on white paper for two reasons:

Although I could erase the red pencil, it is not nearly as malleable as a graphite and a kneaded eraser. These days I find I am erasing and redrawing more than I ever have in my never-ending quest to get my work better and better. (Funny, I always thought once you get good you don't have to erase anymore, you just draw stuff awesome the first time).

I also found that the natural beauty of the materials was influencing my judgment as to whether I actually had a good image and a solid drawing. These days I do my sketches in a rather boring style, If they start to look good I know there is something inherent in what I am drawing that is working, not just what I am using to draw.

All that being said, I haven't worked in this style in over a year, and I am starting to feel the itch to do so....

For those who are interested in this technique; I am using Stonehenge fawn paper, Prismacolor Col-Erase tuscon red pencils and General's white charcoal pencils.


  1. It certainly gives a very nice finish - but they are also inherently lovely sketches to start with - regardless of the medium used ;)

  2. That's a great point about being influenced by the natural beauty of the sketch and whether or not it might have the same feel in the painting. I wonder about that sometimes myself. In my opinion, your paintings have that great "old world" feel as well.

  3. Love these, SO much. I was just about to ask if you would be at shows this year, I'd love to see your stuff in person. I see you'll be at three of the ones I'm going to! Psyched.

  4. I love the way that white has been used in the angel image to show the sunlit area of the floor.

  5. really like the feel of these...very much like the old masters...nicely done!