Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Alethia Brightsong

So here is something bright and shiny for you after all the doom and gloom of the Innistrad paintings. This is from the latest WoW TCG set entitled "Throne of Tides"

There is some digital work done on top of this one to get the underwater glow effect to work a bit better. A lot of the glazing layers I used in the original for this effect didn't photograph all that well and had to be recreated and then exaggerated digitally . Thus, I can't really show what the real painting actually looks like underneath the photoshop. Everything but the little glowing dots was hand painted though, and the effect was enhanced mainly through several soft light and masked off levels and color layers.

The original is 13" by 18" oil on paper on board, and will be on display at Illuxcon.

Arthur and Morgana is almost finished... stay tuned

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  1. Nice - I played with that card at the prerelease event! Is that your first wow tcg card?

    -Nathan V.(Artifex)