Friday, September 30, 2011

Arthur and Morgana

So here is the final painting of a private commission I have been working on for awhile. I had a lot of leeway with this one. Initially the clients asked for an armored male knight of some sort and a female sorceress or with character. I wanted to have a story, not just generic characters , so I started looking around at stories from mythology to modern fantasy. The story of Arthur and the love-hate relationship with this scheming half-sister Morgana (or Morgane Le Fey or Morgaine) fit what they wanted perfectly and gave me something to really sink my teeth into.

I did a bunch of rough thumbs and gave them the 3 that were working best. They ended up going with the more traditional book cover approach.

I got some friends together, shot some reference and put together a detailed drawing to send them.

They weren't too crazy about the tattoos and suggested a few other small changes. From there I enlarged the drawing, mounted it too a board and got to work, here is a few progress shots: a thin rough underpainting and two of me working my way around the painting.

and here is a close-up for everyone who read to the end:


  1. Beautiful! How long did this take you?

  2. your anatomy is so intense
    i simply love it!

  3. Thanks! It is hard to say how long this one took, I was working on it over a period of months at the same time as other projects. I tend to average about 80-100 hours for something like this, and this one felt like it took a little bit longer than normal. But it is hard to say.